5 October, 2015

Passion for the game


I used to play football and I was a bit like a coach. I loved analyzing the game, his variants and his consequences. I was always passionate with this game; that has not change. I couldn’t get everything perhaps because I didn’t have all the keys. Even I still discovering new things in this way; I only have to perceive them to reach it. I thought I wouldn´t have nothing to improve to adapt to the other sideline. Not even the books of the three coach courses, with intermediate group management experiences, they are not too instructive. But they help you to complete exams and they also give you a more conscious for what’s coming. Today I’m a coach and a long time ago I learned the first thing: Don´t try to be footballer again. That´s over. It´s useful if you know how to benefit from it in other area.

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31 March, 2016

Shared Hand

They want a recurrent sentence: that team needs a firm hand. As if the people who say that had a firm education and they tutor blood. I don´t think that it looks interesting and effective. A coach is a detachable father; but a father with identical responsibilities in the sport education as a biological father. […]

22 March, 2016

Between fear and pressure

In football, as in life, mind is really important. Having a mind free of ties and prejudice, makes you feel better. These have been proven. My experience tells me that, when you suffer it and you don´t know it, yo lose energy and your efficiency decreases. You fight against your imaginary opponents and the real […]

22 November, 2015


Hi every one. This is a meeting point where you can find personal reflections and experiences. This is a space where polemic and critics don’t have place. I love football and I like to share with you my concerns and visions. In the end, talk and write about football with the idea of protecting one […]

20 October, 2015

Put in order

I could make a list of things I have learnt since, because of the circumstances, I left my home. I have lived in Athens and know in Marseille. I have been far away from my loved friends, but especially, from my family. Those how I learn to miss them but feel them near. I always […]

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