31 March, 2016

Shared Hand

They want a recurrent sentence: that team needs a firm hand. As if the people who say that had a firm education and they tutor blood. I don´t think that it looks interesting and effective. A coach is a detachable father; but a father with identical responsibilities in the sport education as a biological father. […]

22 March, 2016

Between fear and pressure

In football, as in life, mind is really important. Having a mind free of ties and prejudice, makes you feel better. These have been proven. My experience tells me that, when you suffer it and you don´t know it, yo lose energy and your efficiency decreases. You fight against your imaginary opponents and the real […]

22 November, 2015


Hi every one. This is a meeting point where you can find personal reflections and experiences. This is a space where polemic and critics don’t have place. I love football and I like to share with you my concerns and visions. In the end, talk and write about football with the idea of protecting one […]

20 October, 2015

Put in order

I could make a list of things I have learnt since, because of the circumstances, I left my home. I have lived in Athens and know in Marseille. I have been far away from my loved friends, but especially, from my family. Those how I learn to miss them but feel them near. I always […]

20 October, 2015


I’m a different coach, but also, I’m a person. I am a little bit more realistic. One day media made me believe that things I used to say were important, or that is what I thought. I’m living far away from my home, and the things I say have the same relevance here and there. […]

5 October, 2015

Passion for the game

I used to play football and I was a bit like a coach. I loved analyzing the game, his variants and his consequences. I was always passionate with this game; that has not change. I couldn’t get everything perhaps because I didn’t have all the keys. Even I still discovering new things in this way; […]

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